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Pilaster Oy offers a revolutionary building service technology system that includes solutions for plumbing renovation, energy savings, ventilation, energy-efficient heating and cooling of apartments, electrical systems renovation, as well as remote management and maintenance of building sites and residential spaces. The Pilaster system also supports solar power and ground source heating systems.        

The Pilaster building service system is a Finnish modular building services modernization system that is suitable for repair construction, new builds and building upgrades. The building service technology is housed inside ducts that are installed on the exterior of the building. Most of the repair and renovation work occurs outside the building at an accelerated pace, so building residents can choose to stay in their homes during the entire renovation. The system can be installed in stages and is easy to upgrade for new building service technologies and solutions. The system can also include a comprehensive service and maintenance agreement.

What makes the Pilaster system a game changer:

– a disturbance-free plumbing renovation implemented on the exterior of the building

– apartment-specific Pilaster heat recovery pumps improve the property’s energy efficiency significantly and reduce its carbon footprint

– Pilaster heat recovery pumps produce renewable energy and reduce the need to use fossil fuels

– apartment-specific Pilaster Air ventilation equipment improve indoor air quality in living spaces

– effective apartment-specific heating and cooling

– Pilaster digital building services include apartment-specific remote management, monitoring and reporting

– Pilaster digital building services also enable effective control and monitoring of ventilation, heating, cooling and water consumption

Improved energy efficiency is a huge bonus

With Pilaster, housing companies enjoy the money-saving benefits of improved energy efficiency. The Pilaster Air system is apartment specific and be managed remotely, which can reduce a building’s annual energy consumption by more than 70%. This, in turn, helps reduce maintenance charges and the property’s carbon footprint. The Pilaster system can also take advantage of renewable energy sources like solar power and ground source heating. Solar power in particular can be used in cooling apartments.

The energy consumption of Finnish housing company Asunto Oy Kuulaharjat was 207 MWh before installation of the Pilaster system.

Now that same housing company consumes only 49 MWh per year or an incredible 76% reduction in annual energy consumption – thanks 100% to Pilaster.