Essential components

Modular Pilaster ducts are used to bring the new piping into the apartments. The ducts installed on the exterior of the building and are heat and fire insulated, with domestic water and sewage pipes running inside the ducts, as well as central heating piping if necessary.

Renew your entire plumbing

We currently use the Swiss Georg Fisher composite piping systems to renew water and heating pipes. In indoor spaces, we recommend using a soundproof sewer pipe.

Residents can monitor water consumption in their apartments with the Pilaster control panel.

The piping system is cost effective, hygienic, quiet and durable

The piping system used by Pilaster is reliable and cost effective. The PEX interior surface of the pipes does not collect impurities or solid waste like conventional metal surface pipes. This prevents the growth of harmful Legionella bacteria in water pipes. An aluminum surface layer further guarantees the durability of the pipes.

Specialized pipe fittings and connectors enable the use of smaller pipe sizes and reduce pumping pressure.

The piping is the market leader in soundproofing and eliminates undesired noises in the pipes.

Power, data and antenna cabling

Power, data and antenna cabling are housed inside Pilaster ducts, so there is need to install bulky control panels in the stairway.

Control panels are protected against damage caused by contact with heavy objects.
Emergency exist and routes remain clear of obstructions.
Tenants can use the stairway during the renovation as there are no builders, construction equipment or other obstructions in the stairway.
Entrance doors can be kept closed, thereby minimizing the risk of unwanted people entering the property.

Remote management makes life easier for building managers

• The Pilaster system’s remote management service can be used to create usernames for building caretakers, maintenance personnel and property managers.
• The service can also be used to control and monitor the performance of the Pilaster system via your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
• Eliminates the need to read water meters from inside apartments or the building’s mechanical room.
• Provides immediate notification of water leaks and fire alarms


The Pilaster heat recovery pump enables effective heating, cooling and ventilation of apartments.

The Pilaster system includes a specialized exhaust air heat recovery pump system developed for use in apartment buildings. The energy-efficient pump system also manages fresh air intake and exhaust in apartments, while at the same time using the heat in the exhaust air to warm the apartment. The Pilaster maintenance service agreement includes regular inspection and cleaning of heat recovery components.

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter

The heat recovery pump uses exhaust air heat to warm intake air. When temperatures drop in the autumn, residents can choose when to heat their apartments. The heat recovery can also used to cool the apartment in the summer. The pump distributes the cooled intake air evenly inside the apartment and removes unwanted moisture, thereby improving indoor air quality.

• Residents can adjust heating, cooling and room temperature with a special control device.

• Solar power can be used to power the pump, as connecting solar panels to the Pilaster system is cost-effective and easy. Now excess solar power production can be used effectively.

• With the Pilaster system, you can use solar energy to power the Pilaster heat recovery pump, thereby cooling your apartment during a summer heat wave or heating it in midwinter.

• Apartments are equipped with their own heat recovery pump, so residents don’t have to pay their neighbor’s heating and cooling bills.

Empowering solar power with the Pilaster system

• Connecting solar panels to the Pilaster system is cost-effective and easy. Normally, the use of solar power in residential buildings is challenging as excess power production cannot be used effectively.

• With the Pilaster system, you can use solar energy to power the Pilaster heat recovery pump, thereby cooling your apartment during a summer heat wave or heating it in midwinter.

• Solar power is renewable, silent and environmentally friendly.

• We use only tested and safe solar power technology. The solar panels are manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards and have a full 25-year warranty.

• More than 200,000 similar solar power systems have been installed in 140 countries. The solar panels have also proven to be effective in Northern Europe.

• Our solar power system is delivered as a turnkey solution.

Sustainable energy from the ground up

The Pilaster system enables the effective use of ground source heating systems. In fact, the Pilaster system can be used to replace district and fossil fuel-based heating as primary heating energy sources. A ground source heating system can also be used to heat tap water and generate additional heating capacity cost-effectively. The advantages of a distributed heating system are minimal reliance on external energy sources, low operating costs and the effective use of renewable energy.

Our ground source heat pumps are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each building site.