We make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their Pilaster system.

The Pilaster system includes a comprehensive maintenance service agreement that ensures the system operates cost-effectively and energy-efficiently. Our trained maintenance personnel also ensure that the system delivers the best possible performance well into the future.

The maintenance of Pilaster modules is done outside the building without disturbing residents. Maintenance work does not require the presence of residents or entry into apartments.

In addition, the maintenance agreement includes the regular inspection and renewal of technical equipment and system components, such as changing air filters and cleaning heat recovery pumps.


The building central control unit can be managed via a remote management service. Building managers and maintenance staff can monitor of the performance of the Pilaster system anytime, anywhere. Residents can also control room temperature remotely.

Several apartments can be connected to the remote management service as separate groups. The service also supports multiple usernames and user privileges, which provide tailored access to the Pilaster system. You determine what building managers, maintenance staff and other service users can do with the service.

In addition, the Pilaster remote management service eliminates the need to read water meters from inside the apartment or the building’s mechanical room and provides immediate notification of water leaks and fire alarms via text or email messages.

The Pilaster system include apartment-specific monitoring and management technology that allow residents to increase ventilation, adjust room temperature and monitor water consumption.

Living comfort and indoor air quality

Effective ventilation is essential to living comfort and improves the life span of buildings.

The Pilaster system was designed to tackle the challenge of indoor air quality.

The Pilaster ventilation and air filtration solution ensure effective intake of filtered fresh air, which minimizes the risk of respiratory problems caused by elevate CO2 levels, dust, pollen, air pollutants and small particles.