A plumbing renovation like no other!

60% of the Pilaster renovation takes place in the factory – not your home

The Pilaster renovation is based on a patented modular building service technology, with the actual renovation work taking place on the exterior of the building. Special patented ducts are used to bring the new piping into the apartments. The ducts are heat and fire insulated, with domestic water and sewage pipes running inside the ducts, as well as central heating piping if necessary.

As most of the renovation work takes place on the exterior of the building, the Pilaster renovation is noticeably less disruptive than a conventional renovation. You can continue living in your home during the entire renovation. The vertical sewage pipes inside the Pilaster duct can also be connected to the existing main sewer line or a new main sewer line can be installed outside the building.

The complete Pilaster solutions covers all essential renovations:

energy, ventilation, electrical wiring, indoor air quality, plumbing & drainage, and digital building services.

When you choose the Pilaster solution to enhance living comfort and residential wellbeing, you take full control of your home’s heating and cooling. Our air filtration system also ensures that the indoor air you breathe is healthy, clean and draft-free.

Thanks to our digital building services, you pay only for what your apartment consumes in electricity, water and heating.

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