Power, data and antenna cabling are housed inside Pilaster ducts, so there is need to install bulky control panels in the stairway.


  • Control panels are protected against damage caused by contact with heavy objects.
  • Emergency exist and routes remain clear of obstructions.
  • Tenants can use the stairway during the renovation as there are no builders, construction equipment or other obstructions in the stairway.
  • Entrance doors can be kept closed, thereby minimizing the risk of unwanted people entering the property.

Empowering solar power with the Pilaster system

• Connecting solar panels to the Pilaster system is cost-effective and easy. In most cases, the use of solar power in residential buildings is challenging as excess power production cannot be used effectively.

• With the Pilaster system, you can use solar energy to power the Pilaster heat recovery pump, thereby cooling your apartment during a summer heat wave or heating it in midwinter.

• Solar power is renewable, silent and environmentally friendly.

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